Long-COVID Rehabilitation

Reminder to use Long COVID SNOMED CT codes

An initial set of SNOMED CT codes to support the management of the long term effects of COVID-19 were recently made available. Knowledge about Long COVID is currently limited and evolving; therefore, it is important that we increase the use of these codes where appropriate so that further insight can be gained.

The codes correspond to diagnostic categories, referral and signposting, assessment instruments and outcome measures, and community care and self care options. Please note that the codes begin ‘post-COVID’ as opposed to ‘Long COVID’, when searching for them. Further guidance on the management of the long-term effects of COVID-19 is available from both NICE and NHS England and NHS Improvement.

NHS England guidance has been published today (Friday 18 December) and a more detailed illustration of the pathway will be circulated once the guidance has been scrutinised to reflect the local pathways and processes. This process has been developed rapidly and will evolve further over time according to emergent guidance, monitoring and feedback.

From Monday 21 December, patients can be signposted to the Together We’re Better website for information on self-care. You can also refer patients to the single point of access service by calling 0300 303 3425 or emailing the completed rehabilitation needs assessment tool currently available on clinical systems to lcvclinics@mpft.nhs.uk.

Patients can be referred to the MPFT-led single point of access if they are experiencing:

  • Persistent symptoms for more than 28 days following a positive COVID-19 test result or clinical diagnosis of likely COVID-19
  • Difficulty in following self-care advice
  • Other post-COVID health concerns.

Patients will soon be able to self-refer into the service. Further information will be issued prior to this and will include a leaflet that can be shared with patients.

For the full clinical narrative please read this attachment: Clinical narrative for Long-Covid